Anthony Pompliano’s Off the Chain Podcast with Pomp with Unstoppable Domains

On Oct. 11th Unstoppable Domains co-founder Brad Kam was interviewed by Anthony Pompliano on his prominent crypto podcast Off the Chain.

The full podcast is found here.

Will can you please tell me how I post a new thread or question ?
While at it, can you tell me why my crypto domain $1 to $1 credits show as $0 when I have purchased 11 .zil names that come with the bonus .crypto names?
Or is it that each time I buy a domain name with .zil , I then get the free .crypto name but what’s actually happening is instead of getting a $1 bonus for each $1 spent, I am getting the .crypto name instead?

My take on this is that let say I was a crypto lender or did crypto collateral loans or whatever it is that I have to send my public address for 30 different blockchains like ICX, ATOM, ETH, BTC etc.etc, instead of taking the risk of having to type out the address to send to a client and making a mistake, or instead of having to copy and paste only to find out that malware has changed the address I copied and pasted a different address,. I can just send them the address in the format of “DrCraigWright. crypto” or “DrCraigWright. zil” and they can send any of those coins to that named address and then I get those coins in my wallet that I have listed in my setting for each different coin.
Not only this, but I also get the website using “drcraigwright. crypto & drcraigwright. zil” that I can use as my crypto lending business or my new blockchain project, or in Craig’s case , shill a new Bitcoin fork for people to buy that free coin with their Bitcoin for him to collect etc. Not only do I get this website but it’s also not possible to censor it. Is it also on the blockchain?
If all this is correct, then this a game changer and obviously will be adopted by every wallet out there and everything that people like investors Tim Draper are invested in. I can imagine if Pantera Capital was an investor too that everything they invest in would use this, like polkadot parachain auctions and bakkt etc etc. Either way big time game changer for someone like me who has 40 odd coins that I accumulate and now most of them I don’t have to worry about public addresses. So well done on this.

To round out this post my questions are,

  1. How do I post new threads to this forum that I came to from the link at the domain unstoppabledomains. com?

  2. Where are my $1 credits for every $1 I spent after spending hundreds on $20 domains?

  3. Please can you list BSV to the coins accepted so that Craig Wright can pay me some Bitcoin for his DrCraigWright. crypto address/wallet/domain before I give it to Roger Ver for free.

I kinda feel sorry for the company that does $50million a month in crypto trades and crypto based collateral loans that accept all coins you have on this site , not getting their company name domain when it was $20.
Kinda reminds me of when people came to Bitcoin in 2017 and said ‘i wish I got Bitcoin when I heard of it for 50cents’. I think lots of this will be going on with this and price of zil should be through the roof as the CEO was right when he said Zilliqa was ready for mass adoption. Something a CEO never says.

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