Can we resell domains?

We like to build tools and focus on the usage of domains. These are available options with 3rd party sites. You can mark domains for sale on our site along with a contact email address but actual sales are done via the 3rd party sites.

Before you can sell a domain it must be on the blockchain. Ensure you have claimed .zil domains to Zilliqa or .crypto to Ethereum and that My Transactions in our menu confirms the claim is complete.

For .crypto use third party services like Opensea and Rarible.

For .crypto you will need to connect the Ethereum wallet you claimed your domains to at the 3rd party sites. See also the FAQ available from OpenSea.

For .zil, you can use 3rd party site Mintable.

You will need to use this guide to transfer .zil domains from the ZIL wallet to ZilPay before listing .zil domains with Mintable.

See this video for listing .zil domains with Mintable.

To list a domain for sale on the Unstoppable Domains site but not to actually sell it as that’s done with the 3rd parties sites above follow this process.

1. Select My Domains and then Manage for a domain you want to list.

2. Add the optional email address in the Contact tab. We recommend using a secondary email address and even though it’s optional potential buyers will not be able to contact you if you don’t add an email address and it will not show as for sale on our site if an email address isn’t added.

3. Tick the box in the Sell Domain tab and then save and sign with the wallet you claimed the domain to.

4. When My Transactions confirms the transaction has been processed on the blockchain you can enter your domain in the search box on our site to verify it’s listed for sale.

Can you clarify the need to enter a contact email address to be able to resell a domain? As of 22 Mar 2021 it says that “This email address will be published publicly on the blockchain and can NOT be removed.”

My concern is that if the email address can NOT be removed or changed then it is unsafe to sell or buy a domain as any queries about payments etc will be sent to the original owner, and this opens up the possibility of payments being misdirected via an email instruction/reply.

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same question here.

I rec’d this follow up by a support ticket to clarify my concerns:

The email will be public and cannot be cleared while the domain is in your possession, as such we suggest creating a new email address for the purpose of the sale.

Once the domain has been sold it will have to be transferred to a new owner, where all records, including the email address , will be cleared on transfer.

Where does an outside user even see the email set in contact us. I’ve looked and I can’t see where it gets published on the blockchain or anywhere on unstoppable domains unless a site is published. Can you show me where this email address gets published that can’t be changed?

Nothing on the blockchain can be changed as the transaction will always be recorded. The new owner of a domain can also post their email address to the blockchain but the original transaction is recorded forever.

See items 2 to 4 in the guide regarding visibility of the email address.

I am assuming it resets the destination wallet address as well…?

Yes domain transfers are done on the blockchain from wallet to wallet.