Coinrequest Guide

Before using your .zil domain for payment - you must claim your domain and add cryptocurrency addresses to your domain. For more information on how to do this please see this guide.

The Coinrequest website doesn’t require registration and can be used immediately after visiting. This guide consists of two parts: How to make a payment request and how to make the payment upon receiving a request from someone.

Part I: Making a payment request

1. Make a choice out of more than 200 different cryptocurrencies
2. Put in a cryptocurrency address or .zil domain of the recipient
3. Choose if the amount should be fixed or adjustable. By choosing fixed, the amount specified will not be changeable by the recipient. If you choose adjustable, you will give a price suggestion that the recipient will be able to change
4. Put in the amount you want to pay in cryptocurrency or your local currency
5. Add a message to give the recipient more context about the payment

Press “REQUEST PAYMENT” and share the link with the recipient on the social media of your choice:

Part II: Resolving the payment request

1. The cryptocurrency address that was provided by the sender
2. Here we can see that the requester didn’t specify the amount. In most cases you will see a specific amount in this field that you need to provide in Step 4
3. The message that gives context to the purpose of the payment
4. Put in the amount that the requester suggested in Step 2
5. Choose one of the provided wallets to complete the payment.

That’s it!