Decentralized Blog Contest

We’ve extended the blog contest to July 2nd and announced the first 5 winners!

We recently released a blog template that allows any user to create and deploy a blog to IPFS in a few minutes.

To celebrate, we are launching a competition to reward the top 15 decentralized blogs from a pool of $1,500 Ethereum!


1. Create a decentralized blog using our template.
2. Comment your .crypto blog on this Twitter post before June 24th 9 AM EST. (you now have until July 2nd 5 AM EST to submit)
3. 15 winning blogs will be announced on June 25th. Each winning blog will receive $100 in ETH. (5 winning blogs were announced on June 25th, the next 10 winning blogs will be announced on July 3rd)

Feel free to write about any topic you are interested in.

How can I create a decentralized blog?

We have a video and a text guide that explains how you can create a decentralized blog with a few clicks.

Need help creating your blog?

Please reach out to us on Telegram or send us an email to Don’t hesitate, we are more than happy to walk you through the process (:

Looking for inspiration?

Here are a handful of blogs that have been released so far:

(Use Opera for Android, the Unstoppable Extension for Chrome and Brave, or the Unstoppable Blockchain Browser to view the blogs)

  • MeltemDemirors.crypto
  • TimDraperBlog.crypto
  • CamilaRusso.crypto
  • IvanOnTechBlog.crypto
  • AmandaCassatt.crypto
  • wmougayar.crypto
  • Playtoearn.crypto

Thanks for launching this contest.

  1. What are the selection criteria? In other words, do you choose randomly, based on content or social media engagement?
  2. Are you evaluating any specific dates? For example, Unstoppable Domains launched the blogging templates on June 11th. This contest was announced on June 16th.


  1. We are looking for original, creative, insightful content.

  2. Specific date for evaluation is the closing date.

Wondering how Tim Draper’s blog is on that list :thinking:

How did you message me