Gas fees for .crypto domains

June 2021 update Upcoming Update to Our Ethereum Gas Fee Policy | Unstoppable Domains - please read this blog post as it now replaces this guide.

Feb 2021 update Our plans for a scalable blockchain domain infrastructure | by Matthew Gould | Unstoppable Domains | Medium
If a customer pays the additional $40 to claim a .crypto domain to Ethereum Unstoppable will send the claim transaction with a fee up to 140 gwei, which costs Unstoppable the full $40. Gas prices might be above 140 gwei at certain times so the claim will clear when gas prices fall below this figure.

If you wish to claim a .crypto domain to Ethereum now rather than wait for the release of of our scalable layer 2 solution you can purchase a credit to claim when you purchase the .crypto domain.

After purchasing the claim credit please follow the workflow in My Domains by clicking the CLAIM button next to the domain you purchased. Our guide for suitable wallets to claim .crypto domains to is available here.

If you have already purchased a .crypto domain please read on:

Claiming .crypto domains to Ethereum
From My Domains you can either select to pay the blockchain fees from your crypto wallet or purchase a claim credit for the domain.

Important note - purchasing a claim credit for a .crypto domain does not move the domain to Ethereum under control of your crypto wallet. After purchasing the claim credit return to My Domains and click the CLAIM DOMAIN button to the right of the domain name as shown below (repeat for each domain):

Suitable wallets for claiming .crypto domains (not .zil domains) are covered in this guide:

If you select CLAIM WITH ETH i.e. pay the blockchain fee from your own Ethereum wallet the box for I will pay the blockchain fee is preset as ticked (and can’t be unticked as it’s confirmation you wish to pay the blockchain fee from your ETH wallet).

.crypto domain management (excluding claiming to Ethereum)

Select Guest Manage from the menu and you will see options to connect various wallets as shown below.

WEB3 covers wallets like Metamask desktop and dapp browsers in Coinbase and Trust wallets.

You will then be able to proceed with domain management and pay the gas from the wallet that controls the domains.

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I have a few domains in my cart, and I can afford to pay for them all, but I can’t afford to add the “Claim Credit” option. But I would like to secure them until I can afford to pay for the claiming.

So, if I just buy them all now, without claiming, does that mean someone else can still purchase them and claim them? Or does it mean the domains are simply inactive, but they belong to me and they are linked to my email address/password until I pay for them to be claimed.

Is that correct?

Thanks guys!



Hi DaveyC,

Once purchased the domains are yours and yours forever with no renewals. There is no time limit to claiming the domains to the blockchain under control of your crypto wallet. It’s fine to wait until we roll out the layer 2 scaling solution to claim them to Ethereum.

Hope this helps.


Woah thanks for the super quick reply.

So just to clarify: If I purchase now without claim credit option, and wait until layer 2, they get claimed to Ethereum for free?


That’s correct, we will pay the blockchain fee when the layer 2 scaling solution is rolled out.


PLEASE HELP I’m trying to get claim credits i paid for claim credits but I have not recieved I think because I dident have a wallet but now I have a wallet and still no credits i paid $80 in litecoin 2 days ago and still nothing please help

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We will follow up via your support tickets, thanks.

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Cross posted : how do I find out how much eth prices are when I sign if I don’t use credit. It’s not showing up a price all it says eth gas fees will be taken out of wallet but I can’t see them. Also if I was to attempt this transaction and didn’t have enough eth to claim would I lose my domain in transaction. Or will transaction fail and domain will stay on unstoppable domains???

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You wouldn’t lose the domain, it would remain in our database. We recommend Metamask desktop wallet and it should show the cost and give you the option to cancel the transaction if gas prices are above your desired limit.

Please advise if you are using a different wallet, thanks.


THANKYOU! :+1: Great service!


Hello, I am looking to understand how the “claiming” works in basic terms. I do understand I can pay now or wait until you transfer to the 2 layer. But what does claiming do? As you said earlier in the feed, once purchased, the domain is mine forever and belongs to me but what is the point of claiming? Is it just so it can be moved to your wallet? Thank you.

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Until the domain is claimed to Ethereum under control of your wallet the domain is not functional i.e. can be use as user friendly payment address in supported crypto wallet or used to build a decentralized website.

General details for the domains are covered in our sequential feature guide (available in our menu)

None of the features are available until the claim has been completed.

Hope this helps.

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Got it! Thank you so much for explaining that easily!


My current understanding is that claiming a domain ties it to a wallet. Can this wallet address be updated in the future or is it locked to this address forever?

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Hi Trevor,

The domains are ERC721 NFTs and can be transferred from wallet to wallet like all blockchain assets

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so how do i sell my domain and how does one make an offer on a name that’s taken?

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Hi Edword,

Please take a look at our domain resales guide.

If a domain is marked for sale on our site and the owner has provided an optional email address you would be able to contact them and complete the sale on the 3rd party sites referenced in the guide.

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Hi, when it will happen?

Our layer 2 scaling solution is scheduled for August 2021.

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Hi Paul. You do a great job of answering all questions.

When would be the best time to put your .crypto domain up for sale on Opensea? I’m thinking I would like to possibly resell my domain later on when .crypto domains becomes highly sought for. Would this be after the Layer 2 upgrade or would you guess that it might be wise to hold on to the domains for a couple of years?

I’m asking because I understand there is a monthly cost you have to pay for keeping your .crypto domain up for sale on Opensea. Right?

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