Gas fees for .crypto domains

Feb 2021 update Our plans for a scalable blockchain domain infrastructure | by Matthew Gould | Unstoppable Domains | Feb, 2021 | Medium
If a customer pays the additional $40 to claim a .crypto domain to Ethereum Unstoppable will increase the maximum gas price for the transaction from 80 gwei to 140 gwei, which costs Unstoppable the full $40. Gas prices might be above 140 gwei at certain times so the claim will clear when gas prices fall below this figure.

If you wish to claim a .crypto domain to Ethereum now rather than wait for the release of of our scalable layer 2 solution you can purchase a credit to claim when you purchase the .crypto domain.

If you have already purchased a .crypto domain please read on:

Claiming .crypto domains to Ethereum
From My Domains you can either select to pay the blockchain fees from your crypto wallet or purchase a claim credit for the domain.

.crypto domain management (excluding claiming to Ethereum)

Select Guest Manage from the menu and you will see options to connect various wallets as shown below.

WEB3 covers wallet like Metamask desktop and dapp browsers in Coinbase and Trust wallets.

You will then be able to proceed with domain management and pay the gas from the wallet that controls the domains.