Gas fees for .crypto domains

There are no monthly costs with OpenSea as far as I am aware. We can’t advise the best time for you to sell a domain. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for quick reply!

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@Paul_Costas I have just purchased a large number of domains! Few questions -

Am I able to simply add domains for resale on Opensea (without claiming) or is claiming mandatory?
Am I able to simply resell and transfer to owner without claiming?
Can the new owner do the claiming themselves?

Thank You

Claiming is required before domains can be resold or transferred as covered in the following guide:

Hi Paul,

Where do I place my email address for the domains? or do I need to first claim it?


Yes the domain needs to be claimed before you can add your contact details to the blockchain.

Thanks Paul for your prompt and clear replies.
Appreciate it

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Hello, I bought a domain and after that I went to “my domains” and I clicked on “pay all with credits” and I paid again. All the buttons “claim all with eth” , “claim all with credits” , “buy gemini custody” and the “claim domain” next to my domain are still visible.
Nothing new happened so I’m wondering what I should do now. thanks

if you bought a claim credit for a domain our interface should now show CLAIM for that domain in My Domains. As per the guide you would then leave the box unticked for I will pay the blockchain fee.

If CLAIM doesn’t show please email the domain details to thanks.

Okay the problem was that I didn’t leave the box unticked for I will pay the blockchain fee. Now it says “pending claim” thank you!

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I am thinking of purchasing two domains, however I am concerned that to use these domains will always be saddled with high gas fees. Can you clarify if this is correct or not please. Thank you.

Unstoppable and the whole Ethereum ecosystem are working on solutions for high gas fees.

As an administrator, is there any way to have any control over the gas fees users of my .crypto or .zil domain address? What about if I handle the data transactions with my own dedicated mining rigs?

.zil fees are minimal so not worth you setting up a Zilliqa node.
Technically if we made quite a few changes it would probably be possible to mint a .crypto domain from a specific Ethereum node. This wouldn’t be a practical way of controlling gas fees though as the node would be skipping other transactions available at higher gas prices.

Hello, i have been collecting domains in my cart, i notice they stay in my cart, i was hoping to hold on to them until i can buy them, not too long, i was just wondering if someone can buy the domains in my cart if i have not paid for them yet? or would i need to delete them from the cart?

Anyone can buy domains that are in your cart until you proceed with the purchase.

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In a previous post someone asked what happens if they purchase a domain but don’t claim it.
#Paul_Costas (admin) replied that once purchased the domains are ours forever and stored in the database of unstoppabledomains.

Question : What if unstoppabledomain goes bankrupt or cease activity. Where will be stored our unclaimed domains ? How can we access them in the event of such situation ?

thank you

If it’s a concern you can claim the domain to a crypto wallet now and you will have full control of the domain.

Thank you for your advice.

Yet, I believe the community/your customers deserve a clear answer on what would happen to their unclaimed domains in case of such event. Can you please clarify that for us all ?

Please also inform us all if there is a risk for users to lose access to their unclaimed domains if one day Unstoppabledomain goes bankrupt or ceases activity.

The domains are controlled by your wallet once you have claimed them to the blockchain.