How do I bulk search?

Updated Oct 2020
If you have Excel installed on a Windows device bulk search may not work until we have done a further update. You can email us for a registry hack if you wish to use bulk search in the meantime.

  1. Go to on a desktop computer if possible
  2. Select the attachment option on the right side of the search bar (see below)

  1. Drag and drop a .csv file with all the domains you want to search in a single column. The best way to do this is:
  • Open a Google Sheet (or Notepad++ for Windows or Brackets for Mac)
  • In the first column list all the domains you are interested in
  • Commas are not required
  • syntax is:
    but not / etc
  • Export or save as .csv
  • Upload
  • Your domains (if available) will move to your cart (test with xxxvvv123456 in your list)

Tested as working with list of up to 1500 names

If bulk search doesn’t work for you please send us an email from your Unstoppable account to with the following details:

CSV file
Operating system

This doesn’t seem to be working, have exported csv from notepad++, excel and google docs, all say file must be csv format, they are all csv format.

Please send us an email with the details requested at the end of the guide, thanks.