How does the protected brands policy impact my right of first refusal?

How does the protected brands policy impact my right of first refusal?

If you purchased a .zil domain that corresponds to a .crypto domain that ended up on the protected brands list, you will see the .crypto domain on the Sunrise Tab of your Watchlist. These domains will be under Sunrise protection until December 31st 2020, at which point the domain will be made available to you for free.

If you believe a domain you own has been mistakenly identified as a “protected brand name” please go to My Watchlist, select the tab Sunrise .crypto, and submit a manual review. This will submit the name for review by our team. Manual reviews take 4-6 weeks to process.

We will simultaneously be running an automatic review of all domains on the Sunrise .crypto list with the intention of completing review of all names by December 15th 2019.

Additional perks:

1. Every person who bought a .zil domain prior to October 22nd, will receive $2 for every $1 spent. This means if you spent $1,000 on .zil domains before October 21st, you now have $2,000 in store credits to use towards .crypto domains!

2. If your corresponding .crypto domain goes into the sunrise period and is never claimed, you will get it the domain for free.

Manual Reviews

It is important to note that the API we used to create the Protected Brands List was expansive. We used an expansive list to make sure we covered a wide range of names knowing we could remove names that were incorrectly included on the list during the manual review process.

Manual reviews have begun for names on the Protect Brands List. We expect to contact users about the status of their names on a weekly basis and expect to manually review every name by December 15th 2019 .

If a name you have right of first refusal over (because you purchased the .zil equivalent before October 21st) is removed from the Protected Brands List - you will be notified via email and the domain will be added to your “My Deals” dashboard.

Any name in your “My Deals” dashboard is exclusively available to you with a 50% discount until December 15th 2019.

View domains listed as sunrise protected on your account by following this guide.

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