How to avoid delays claiming .crypto domains to Ethereum

This guide is now replaced with Gas fees for .crypto domains based on our work for a scalable blockchain solution.

When the Ethereum network is busy it can cause gas prices to spike above our processing limit. Normally elevated gas prices are only for short durations but occasionally they can be for extended periods.

During these extended periods of elevated gas prices the time taken to move your .crypto domain from our database to the Ethereum network, a process we call Claim in our interface, will take longer than normal.

If you need your domain on Ethereum promptly, even when gas prices are high, it’s now possible to set the gas price and pay the blockchain fee yourself.

1. As covered in our Feature Guide add one of the Ethereum wallets in this guide to your account via Account Settings in our menu.

2. Proceed to claim the domain as covered in this section of the Feature Guide.

3. The new screen layout is shown below:

  1. The top banner now shows the current gas price on Ethereum (100 gwei in the screenshot) and if it’s above our processing limit delays might be encountered.

  2. The top banner shows a very general indication of the length of the delay, often it’s considerably less but on rare occasions it could be longer.

  3. The warning which states the action is irreversible simply means that the domain will be minted to your chosen wallet and recorded on the blockchain forever. You can transfer the domain to another suitable Ethereum wallet once the claim is complete as covered here.

  4. If you wish to pay your own blockchain fees tick the box indicated. This is only required if you require your domain on Ethereum without any delays. You can check the latest gas price here to help you make the decision. If you have purchased a claim credit leave the I will pay the blockchain fee unticked but also see the revised guide here.

  5. Click SIGN TRANSACTION and you will be prompted to approve the transaction from your wallet. You can reject the transaction in your wallet if the cost of processing the transaction looks too high.

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