How to claim and manage your .crypto domain

There is a known bug with Ledger (through Metamask) that will currently not let our users sign management transactions. We are aware of the issue and working on a solution. For the time being please use a different method to claim the domains. It will be possible to transfer the domains to Ledger later.

Hi Unstoppable Community,

Thank you for being an early supporter and taking part in our .crypto launch!

The claiming of .crypto domains works in two steps:

    • Adding your preferred web 3 wallet to your Unstoppable account
    • Claiming and managing your .crypto domain.

Claiming is the process of pushing your domains from our database, on to the blockchain, and into your cryptocurrency wallet. Once a domain is claimed, the user has full custody over their domain.

Step 1: Choose and add your favorite web 3 wallet to your Unstoppable Domains account. This wallet will be used later to claim your domains:

  • Metamask (Desktop/Browser) - Recommended

  • Hardware Wallet with Metamask (Desktop/Browser) There is a known bug when trying to manage domains claimed to a hardware wallet. Please do not use this method yet. You can always transfer your domains to your hardware wallet once fixed.

  • Coinbase Wallet (Mobile)

  • Trust Wallet (Android and iOS 13)

  • imToken (Mobile)

Step 2: Claim and manage your .crypto domains by choosing one of the respective guides: