How to claim and manage your .crypto domain

Can you tell me if i can send Dai or USDC with BEP2 Network? or we have to choose only ERC20 Token Network while sending payment from Binance ?

Thanks !


ERC20 only for DAI and USDC funds sent to Unstoppable for purchase of domains, thanks.

Hello. Can somebody please help me. I bought 2 .crypto domains last night. I am trying to transfer them to coinbase wallet but when I go to sign on my laptop browser it says eth gas fees will be taken out wallet but doesn’t show how much and I have no money in my wallet. Will I lose my domain If I try to send it with out enough eth for gas in wallet. How do I know how much it costs?? Please help trying to claim asap
Thank in advance

For Coinbase you need to use the dapp browser from your cellphone and the web3 option when prompted by our interface.

Coinbase has an option to set different gas levels. In recent weeks cost has been upwards of $20 but changes minute by minute. If the transaction fails for any reason you wouldn’t lose the domain it would simply stay in our database.

Hello guys,

I bought my domain couple weeks ago. I want to actually use this website and load it up. But, I still cannot see it on the net. I searched it on different web engines and tried to find it directly by different browsers, yet nothing showing up.

I also used one of the gadgets on unstoppabledomain website to create my webpage.

Please let me know if there is any guide/ video out there that I can follow/watch to solve this issue.


This section of our feature guide has details of how to view a dweb site:

You can also make a minor change to almost any browser to view the sites:

Hi there,

I want to manage the domains that i purchased. And I choose to use claim credit for domains. Because i don’t see the domains i have as “manage” after paying with credit card, So i did it a couple of times with claim credit for domains again.
I did this over a week ago and yesterday again.
Can i get a refund for paying twice?

Please email the details to thanks.

Sorry, there is no reply to my questions in email yet. There should of been an email last week of letting me know that when i paid for claim credits for domains the first time are not going to go through cuz the gas fees are high and i should wait and not worry or there should be a refund. Instead i tried it again to claim domain and it took my credit info and charged my account and nothing has happened.
If there is a online person or customer service number. Please let me know. Would like to get this resolved quickly.

It’s not clear if you have already emailed us or not. I don’t see any emails in our system for the email address you are using on these community pages. Please use the same email address and post here when you have contacted us. I will then take a look at your issue, thanks.

Mayday! I deleted one of the 2 Ethereum wallet addresses I have, as I wanted to have only one (the main one), but I had forgotten that I already had claimed and connected most of my .crypto domains last year to that second wallet, so they ended up disappearing from “my domains” list (only 3 remained, that were connected to my main Ethereum wallet). They all still are there as my completed transactions, so I do still have them, but to have them on “my domains” list to be able to manage them again, there is a process going on called “fetching domain records” and it seems to be taking forever and forever. Is this normal? This is what happens when there’s a 62 year old Nana trying to manage computers, aarrghh! I’d very much appreciate if someone could give me guidance with this, I’m so very lost! Thank you! :worried: :frowning_face: :anguished:


The team has replied to your support ticket (reference 23222).

TL;DR: Who is paying for management fees?

Hi, newbie here. I already claimed my domain. Great!

I also added BTC address it points to, which was confirmed already. Now, I added ETH also, which is pending. When I inspected these transactions, I found, that each costs cca 15$ (at 100 Gwei). For 2, it is 30$ in total.

Which eads to my question: who is paying for these transactions? Definitely not me, because I only paid 40$ for domain. Transaction was only signed (twice, dunno why), which costs nothing.

Thank you in advance for the answer!

Unstoppable pays the blockchain fees up to certain limits but please see this recent article:

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Paul, thank you for the answer. Yes, Layer 2 solution will be real relief for us all :slight_smile:

have a great day!

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Dear Sirs,
Since I am new to all of this and do not have a wallet anywhere yet, I was wondering where the $40 I paid with the domain purchase went to? How can I use it to claim the domain. I followed instructions yet still could not figure out where the $40 are, and how could I claim the purchased domain.

Please help.

You will need one of the wallets covered in this article. Please email your domain name to and we can check your orders, thanks.

Dear Paul,
I created a Coinbase wallet and followed instructions using QR scan and whatnot, and then some magic happened and the request went through.
Now I need to figure out what to do next. Thanks for your support.

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Next steps are covered in our feature guide, like adding coin addresses and building a dweb site.

Im having an issue! I have not heard back from support yet and am starting to get worried.

I transferred one of my domains to another wallet that i own. But for some reason it is stuck saying “Pending Changes”.

There is nothing that i can find online to help me with this. Will someone please help?