How to claim your domains (generate your key) and create your wallet?

Video tutorial available here.


  1. Select "My Domains"

  1. Select "Claim All"

  1. Select "Create Wallet"

  1. Create Passphrase (store this passphrase in a safe place). Your passphrase can be any phrase you choose. We recommend 13 characters in length.

  1. Download your "Keystore" file (store your keystore file in a safe place)

  1. Now that you have created your self-custody wallet you can select "Import Wallet"

  1. Upload your keystore (the file you downloaded in step 5) and enter your passphrase

  1. Select "Confirm" (if you would like to verify your public address you can do so by uploading your keystore to

  1. Select "I Understand" and "Confirm"

  1. Complete! You have now taken full custody over your domains. Your .zil is yours for life!