How to claim your .zil domains and create your wallet?

Video tutorial available here.

Claiming is the process of pushing your domains from our database, on to the blockchain, and into your cryptocurrency wallet. Once a domain is claimed, the user has full custody over their domain. If you wish to sell or gift a domain you must first claim the domain.

When you have obtained your json file as per the guide below you should copy it to at least one USB stick and ensure you safeguard your passphrase. Together they form the private key and domain management will not be possible without them.

WALLETS If you have a lot of .zil domains you might want to claim them to several wallets as the smart contracts currently prevent you from managing another domain in the same wallet if you have a pending transaction for another domain in the wallet.

Currently you must use a unique passphrase for each wallet you create on our site which is something you should do for all wallets generally. You can also create additional wallets with json file and passphrase at


  1. Select "My Domains"

  1. Go to .zil tab, select domains you want to claim and click on "CLAIM .ZIL"

  1. Select "Create Wallet". If you already have a ZIL wallet with keystore/passphrase, go to Step 6.

  1. Create Passphrase (store this passphrase in a safe place). Your passphrase can be any phrase you choose with a minimum 8 characters. We recommend 13 characters in length.

  1. Download your "Keystore" file. Store your keystore file in a safe place! If you lose it, you will lose access to your domains.

  1. Now that you have created your self-custody wallet you can select "Import Wallet"

  1. Upload your keystore (the file you downloaded in step 5) and enter your passphrase

  1. Select "I Understand" and "Confirm". “This action is irreversible” means your one time claim for the .zil domain to the ZIL wallet address will be recorded on Zilliqa forever (blockchain immutability), it does not mean you can’t move the domain to another wallet.

  1. Congratulations! You have now taken full custody of your .zil domain and you own it for life!

Passphrases that you selected are 8 or more characters.

Numbers and special characters are optional.

Try num and caps lock on and off if you can’t access the wallet for your .zil domain.

Once a domain is on Zilliqa only the wallet owner can access it and this is what makes it “unstoppable”. By default the json file downloaded to your device is Zilliqa_Wallet.json and dated after 8th July 2019. also use a json file and passphrase which you can use to verify your wallet and to obtain the private key.

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I am REALLY struggling to get a zil wallet organized. I clicked on ‘create wallet’ when claiming my .zil domain. All I ended up with is a file that I have NO IDEA what bit of code is what - There are three 64 character strings - HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHICH ONE IS THE PRIVATE KEY?
The information on this discussion and the main website is helpful, really, it is, but only up to a point. It then falls off a cliff edge. For example, I had to search google for an hour wondering where the zil wallet is. Ok, you have generated an address for me but I had NO IDEA that that was what was going on. A screenshot of a dummy string of characters and an explanation as to which one is the ACTUAL address and what the others are would help to complete the good info you have started. There are hardly ANY words in my string so I have no idea what exactly have I been given. Do I need to set up a wallet on the zil site? If so, which 64 characters do I use? The first one? the second one? or the third one? If I use the wrong address will I lose my domain forever? And then I suppose that’s my fault? Hmm?
Do you think it would be too much to ask to add a few more steps into your guide?
Or am I asking too much?

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The passphrase tied to the json file is your private key. You never need to open the json file.

You can check out the wallet at as they also have a json and passphrase option for ZIL wallets.

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Do I need to ‘add token’ to the zil wallet? If so is it the same contract address for unstoppable?

1 Like doesn’t show .zil domains yet.

You can check the contents of the wallet by adding the address in the new zil1… format in the search box below the Kyber banner on the ZIL explorer at ViewBlock. You can also search by domain name to get the wallet address:

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I am on viewblock, there is a search bar but I assume that that is not what you are talking about.
below the “Kyber Banner” ? no clue what you are referring to my friend.
Could you be a little clearer please.

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See where brad.zil is entered in the screenshot.

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Ok, so I can see the domain. I’m sorry, maybe I’m just thick but If I walk into a shop to buy a loaf of bread I walk out with the bread.
I’ve missed an 8pm meeting and am massively pissed off.
Don’t bother to reply I will work this out with someone else.

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