How to connect Metamask to your Unstoppable Domains account

You can connect Metamask to your Unstoppable Domains account to claim your .crypto domains starting December 11th. We recommend using the Chrome browser for the time being as it currently shows the best support for Metamask.


1. Metamask is available as a browser extension on Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Brave. You can download Metamask here.

2. Install Metamask. Please see this tutorial video for information on how to create your Metamask wallet. After installing, we recommend restarting your browser.

3. Once Metamask is installed, make sure your wallet is unlocked, and go to and select “Account Settings”.

4. On your settings page:

  • Press “Add Wallet”
  • Press the “.CRYPTO” tab
  • Press “Connect Wallet”

(Note, if it says 'unable to link’, disable your other browser extensions, restart the browser, link again and then enable your other extension back on)

5. Metamask will automatically open and ask you to “Connect” and then “Sign” the transaction.

6. After you sign the transaction, the wallet will be connected to your Unstoppable Domains account. You can now claim your domains by following this guide.

Want to use your hardware wallet with Metamask? See this guide.