How to create a new wallet on Zillet and link it to an Unstoppable account

Step one: Create A New Wallet

Create a new wallet on Zillet here. Enter a secure passphrase. Click the ‘Create New Wallet’ button.

Download the Keystore file.

You will need this keystore file and passphrase later. Please review this blockchain domain security guide which covers how to keep this information safe.

Step Two: Import Wallet to Unstoppable Domains

Go to the settings page of your Unstoppable account here. Click on the ‘Link Wallet’ button.

Import the keystore file made in Step One. Enter the passphrase made in Step One. Click the ‘Access’ button.

Wait for the link to complete. The new wallet will show in your account on this page. You can now use this wallet info to access domains.

To review how to claim domains and add crypto address to the domain view this guide.