How to Import Keys from Guarda to Metamask and Link to Unstoppable Domains

Step 1: Open the Guarda mobile application. Log into your account. Select Private keys from the side menu.

Step 2: Scroll down. Select Ethereum.

Step 3: Select Show private keys. Enter your password. Copy the private key. Transfer the key to desktop.

Step 4: Open the Metamask desktop extension. Select the My Accounts button. Select Import Account.

Step 5: Enter the private key from Guarda from Step 3. Select Import.

Step 6: Select the My accounts button. Verify that the ETH address from Guarda shows. Notice the Imported tag. Ensure the new imported account is selected in Metamask. This is confirmed by the check mark next to the account.

Step 7: Log into Unstoppable Domains. Select Account Settings.

Step 8: Select Add Wallet.

Step 9: Select Connect Wallet.

Step 10: Sign the transaction with the Metamask extension.

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