How to personalize the current website templates

If you would like to personalize the current templates offered in the Manage Section of your domain, it will only be possible by downloading the templates, editing them locally in your computer to your needs and uploading your final version to IPFS with

1.- In order to download our templates for you to edit them locally in your computer, first you must Fork the current templates repository as shown in the following image:

2.- After you have Forked the repository, you will be able to download a copy of our templates following these steps:

3.- Now that you have downloaded the full templates repository, you can navigate through it, and edit the desired template based on your needs by editing the index.html file and style.css using your preferred code editor.

4.- After you have finished editing the content of the template to your needs, or creating your own website using any other html5 template or editor like, it’s time to proceed and upload the specific template directory to IPFS. In order to do so, you need to go to Pinata | Effortless IPFS File Management and select the option Upload Directory and click on Browse as shown in the following screenshot:

5.- Next step is to navigate to the folder of your website. In this case I’m uploading the directory/folder called ambitious and click on Upload as shown in the following screenshot:
select folder  to upload
note: You must select the directory, there is no need to compress or upload a .zip file, as Pinata won’t unzip it automatically during the upload

6.- A pop up window will appear asking if you want to Upload All files of the directory selected. Click on Upload

7.- Last step will be confirming the upload

8.- Upon the upload completes, now go to your Pinata Pin Explorer to Copy the IPFS hash of the content you just uploaded.

9.- Then assign the IPFS hash of your page to your domain. Under the Manage → Website section of your domain, paste the IPFS hash and save the changes. You need to wait for the transaction to be mined in the blockchain. You can follow the status of the transaction in the My Transactions section of your account for regular Manage, or directly in blockchain explorers like EtherScan or ViewBlock if you are using Guest Manage.