How to view your IPFS hash on the blockchain

Blockchain .crypto domain owners can view their IPFS hash with Etherscan.

Step 1: If you already know the tokenId of your domain move to Step 2. You can obtain your tokenId by searching for your domain (without .crypto extension) on OpenSea and copying the last part of the URL.

For example:

Step 2: Find the specific resolver Smart Contract for your domain.

Step 3: Go to the Contract tab and then ‘Read Contract’ tab of the specific resolver Smart Contract from Step 2. Example for mydomainname.crypto is
In section 1. get enter:

  • key (string): ipfs.html.value
  • tokenId (uint256): ENTER YOUR TOKEN ID FROM STEP 1 (Example for mydomainname.crypto: 92778310559522389785818986509602069914343491437857158494386487705231018726088)
    Click Query and the IPFS hash will be displayed (QmcZBmXaAfc37hbsH7cBQQk8XtDjGX9KdPR4MroS639R5k)