Link your Twitter handle to your blockchain domain with Chainlink

You can now ensure your contacts send crypto to you and not somebody else by adding your Twitter handle to your .crypto domain. Chainlink verifies that the Twitter handle belongs to the domain owner and supported wallets and apps show the Twitter handle in their interface. Twitter accounts set as private can’t be verified.

PLEASE READ THE GUIDE IN FULL BEFORE STARTING THE VERIFICATION PROCESS - this is important if you didn’t claim your .crypto domains to Metamask desktop wallet. See Steps 12, 13 and 14 for specific requirements for hardware and mobile wallets.

Screenshot below is MyEtherWallet with Twitter handle displayed when sending crypto to paulbloc8.crypto. Click any image in this guide to view full size on a desktop device.

Video Guide

Your .crypto domain must be claimed to Ethereum before working through this guide. For the Tweet to appear in step 7 ensure you have ad / tracking blockers disabled (alternatively whitelist our site or Twitters). For Brave disable the shield for our site and disable DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials in all browsers (if you are using this option).

When there is network congestion on Ethereum some steps might take several minutes, or longer, to complete.

1. Check to see if you have any Chainlink verification credits by accessing your domain from My Domains, Manage, Verify from our menu and click Purchase Credits or proceed to Step 3 if you already have credits.

2. By default the checkout page will show 1 credit but you can press the + to the right of the number 1 if you want to verify more than 1 domain. Checkout and pay with card, PayPal, crypto or

3. From My Domains, Manage, Verify in our menu click Enable Chainlink

4. You will be asked to sign from the wallet you claimed the domain to with Web3 being the required option if you claimed to Metamask desktop wallet.

5. Click View Transactions to check the progress of the two blockchain transactions.

6. When both transactions show as Completed you can click the domain name and select the Verify tab.

7. Click the Tweet to post it to your Twitter feed.

8. It will look like this and it’s important not to change the default details for the Tweet to be verified.

9. Click the Verify Tweet button

10. After the Tweet has been verified our interface will show Complete.

11. You can check it’s all complete by entering your domain name in the domain search box on our main site.

12. Opera desktop browser linked to the Opera wallet on Android is fine, with privacy settings disabled (so the Tweet appears in step 7). Select the Web3 option when prompted to sign for the transaction. 2 signatures will be required and details to set up Opera wallet are available in this guide if you haven’t already done it.

13. When gas prices are high and the Ethereum network is congested you can use Guest Manage to avoid delays with the verification process. Guest Manage is currently required if your domain is on Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets or a MEW mobile wallet. In addition to ETH for the blockchain transactions you will also require 1.37 LINK tokens when using Guest Manage. You DO NOT need to buy a verification credit when using Guest Manage but note each Tweet will cost 1.37 LINK.

14. For some mobile wallets like Coinbase wallet (not Coinbase Exchange app) and others with dapp browsers you might need a small amount of ETH to pay for the transaction to be processed on Ethereum.
The exact amount of ETH required will depend on gas prices on Ethereum when you start the verification process. Opera wallet has support for us to pay your transaction costs.

15. Technical illustration

Matthew Gould and Ryan Le explain Twitter verification with Chainlink oracles

If you have any problems please email with domain name, wallet type, browser and device, thanks.

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It’s a DONE!

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Checked your Twitter handle and all looks good!!