Moonlet Wallet Guide

Before using your .zil domain for payment - you must claim your domain and add cryptocurrency addresses to your domain. For more information on how to do this please see this guide.

Part I: Install Moonlet

Go to and select ‘Install Moonlet Chrome Extension’. This will take you directly to the Moonlet Wallet in the Chrome Extension Store.

Once there select ‘Add to Chrome’. This will start the download process.

Open the Moonlet Wallet extension is your browser by clicking the appropriate icon at the top right hand corner of your browser.

Part II: Set Up Wallet

This will prompt you to either create a new wallet or restore and existing wallet. For more information about how to restore an existing wallet please visit this Moonlet guide. Create a new wallet by selecting ‘Create New Wallet’.

Select ‘Reveal Secret Phrase’. This will reveal the phrase necessary to access your wallet in the future.

This step is very important. Select ‘Copy To Clipboard’. Make sure to store this information is a safe location and to back it up accordingly. Moonlet recommends backing it up offline on a piece of paper. Select ‘Confirm Backup’ once this is done properly. As is the case with all self-custody wallets if you lose the secret phrase there is nothing that can be done to recover your cryptocurrency funds. For more information and security tips directly from Moonlet please view this guide.

Verify you secret phrase by selecting the words in the correct order. Once this is done select ‘Validate Secret Phrase’.

Create a strong password for your wallet. This will be required any time you want to access the wallet so we recommend a password that is at least 13 characters long. Confirm the password and once it meets Moonlet’s other password strength criteria select ‘Create Password’.

Part III: Send Crypto

Select the type of cryptocurrency you wish to send from your Moonlet wallet from the options on the side and then select ‘Send’.

Type in the correct human readable .zil domain in the ‘Recipient’ input and the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to send in the ‘Amount’ input. Finally, click ‘Confirm’.

That’s it! You just successfully sent cryptocurrency to an Unstoppable .zil domain. For more information on how to add a cryptocurrency address to your Unstoppable Domain view this guide.