Pushing the .crypto launch to December 11th 2019

Unstoppable Community,

We have decided to push back our .crypto launch to next Wednesday December 11th due to a few technical concerns:

1. Transaction processor error - this error occurs when processing and batching large numbers of .crypto transactions at once.
2. Signing queue error - this error effects signing transactions to claim .crypto domains.
3. Risk around the Istanbul Hard Fork - The hard fork is scheduled for Block #9,069,000 which will likely occur on Friday or Saturday.

The first two errors were only discovered in our final testing this morning. With the Istanbul Hard Fork quickly approaching, there is increased risk in deploying the .crypto registry on to the blockchain during a fork. With all of this information in mind, we have decided to push the launch to Wednesday out of an abundance of caution.

Unlike for .zil, we are launching both claims and management features at the same time for .crypto, which has also increased the complexity of the launch. We plan to open both claims and management for .crypto domains next Wednesday, December 11th.

Thanks for keeping with us and we will keep you updated on any other important information.