Setting up Unstoppable Chat with a .eth domain

Step 1. Create a Dchat account

Ensure you have your Metamask wallet containing your .eth domains unlocked. Select Guest Manage in our menu and click the WEB3 button.

Select one of your .eth domains with the Manage button

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click CREATE ACCOUNT in the Set Up Chat section.

You will then be asked to sign twice with your Metamask wallet and you must also Save Changes.

You will require ether in your Metamask wallet to save the Dchat account details.

Step 2. Logging into Unstoppable Chat

Follow this link to access the Dchat page. Enter your domain in lowercase (without an extension) and select the .eth extension as indicated with the arrow.

Click Connect with Web3 and Metamask will pop up to sign and grant access to Dchat.

Overview of Chat by Unstoppable CEO Matt Gould