Setting up Unstoppable Chat

Before you can use your .crypto domain for Dchat you must claim it to the Ethereum blockchain as covered in our Feature Guide.

Step 1. Create a Chat account

After you have claimed your .crypto domain to Ethereum select My Domains from the (hamburger) menu in the top left corner of our main website and choose a domain name you wish to use with Unstoppable Chat. For .eth domains or .crypto on Ledger use this link to access your domains and create your Chat account.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click CREATE ACCOUNT in the Set Up Chat section.

Select WEB3 and you will be asked to sign from your crypto wallet up to 3 times.

You will then see the Username and a Public Key that’s been associated with your domain.

Ensure you click SAVE CHANGES.

You will then be required to sign with the wallet that claimed the domain.

Step 2. Logging into Unstoppable Chat

Follow this link ( to log into Chat. Enter your domain as indicated with arrow 1 or arrow 2 if you don’t have a blockchain domain yet and you want to check out Chat as a guest.

Enter your domain name, in lowercase (without an extension), and select .crypto or .eth from the dropdown box and click CONNECT WITH WEB3 (or WALLET CONNECT if using a mobile device that supports Wallet Connect).

Step 3. Using Chat

  1. Create new group Chat channel
  2. Add contacts for one to one Chat
  3. Invite domain owners to group Chat
  4. Post message in group Chat
  5. Leave a group Chat channel

Overview of Chat by Unstoppable CEO Matt Gould

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Is Chat only available with .crypto domain?

So if I claim a .zil address I can’t make a chat domain?*

Unstoppable Chat is currently only for .crypto domains.

Is there a way to change the logo for my profile to something other than the unstoppable domain logo?

Not yet Nathan but it’s on our task list.

For a truly secure chat someone needs to look at creating a
Text-to-Text Steganography with Customization Linguistics, or change Language word for word Features.