Storing your .zil domains on your Ledger hardware wallet using ZilPay!

Storing your blockchain domains on Ledger using Zilpay.

Part I: Connecting Ledger with ZilPay

Installing the Ledger App

Install Zilliqa application.

When the application is installed you will see on your device:

Accessing your wallet via Ledger Nano S

After successfully installing the Ledger app, you need to install the ZilPay wallet in your browser. ZilPay is supported on FireFox, Chrome and Opera.

Open your ZilPay browser extension.

It’s important that you create a “dummy” account in ZilPay if you have not previously used this wallet. Creating the first account in ZilPay then exposes the additional menu options of importing an account via hardware (or private key if you are using this guide without a Ledger hardware wallet).

To connect ZilPay with your Ledger select the icon in the top left corner and “Import” the account via “Hardware” and choose “Ledger” as the preferred option.

Key in an account index (starting from Zero) and click on the “CONNECT” button. You will then be prompted to confirm the generation of the public key on your Ledger device.

Confirm by pressing the right button and you shall see your imported wallet address on ZilPay!

Part II: Sending your domain to your Ledger Zilliqa address

Open and confirm your are logged into your imported account with Ledger on ZilPay in the extension you downloaded.

Once you open you will see your Zilliqa address on the homepage.

You can now go to My Domains on the Unstoppable Domains website, select “manage”, and you can transfer your domain to your Zilliqa Ledger Address.

Once the transfer is complete, type your name into the search bar on to access your domain.

Your domain is now stored in the associated address!

  • You can use the “Transfer” tab to send your domain back to your Unstoppable Domains wallet. You can find the public address of your linked Unstoppable Domains wallet in the “settings” page. You will need to transfer your domains back to Unstoppable Domains to add cryptocurrency addresses and manage your domains. To be able to do a domain transfer from the ZilPay wallet you will require it to be funded to 5 ZIL but the transaction cost should be less than 2 ZIL.

  • Disclaimer: The “Assign” and “Approve” tab have not been tested. This is a third party application and with any third party application we recommend taking caution at all times.

I am stuck at this step.

You can now go to [ My Domains ] on the Unstoppable Domains website, select “manage” , and you can transfer your domain to your Zilliqa Ledger Address.

I am asked to upload .json keystore file, even though my Ledger address is opened in Zilpay.

ZilPay is a bridge for having control of the domains from your Ledger hardware wallet.

You still need to upload the json file for the .zil domain to manage them.

If you are still having problems please email and we will work through it with you.