Unstoppable AMA #1

Unstoppable AMA #1 is available in both video and text format.

Questions Answered:

  • What can blockchain domains be used for in the future?
  • How will sub-domains work?
  • If Unstoppable IP’s get blocked or removed, how will this solve anything for censorship?
  • How is Unstoppable protecting user info and preventing censorship?
  • What’s stopping someone from manually updating an entry with their address (effectively a man in the middle) so it routes crypto to their address rather than yours?
  • How would you rate the pre-acceptance/adoption from wallet providers of the .zil payment functionality?
  • Why do you want to build more extensions?
  • Will there be hardware wallet integrations to be able to hold your private keys offline?
  • How will the management of domains work?
  • Can we have an email address connected to our .zil?
  • It was mentioned that the next extensions will be offered to current .zil owners first. Will we have to pay the same amount of $ for the next ones, or will we have discounts?
  • What is the difference between .com’s and blockchain domains?
  • How can I sell my domain? Can you explain how re-selling will work?
  • Can you provide details on tools needed to build websites on .zil domains?
  • Can you provide information on how the auction will work?
  • How you will deal with hackers that will use .zil domains to publish copyright material or illegal content?
  • What is the relation between .zil and Zilliqa? What happens if Zilliqa fails?
  • How will .zil not become diluted with the addition of a new extension?
  • Can you discuss privacy features that may be added to blockchain domains?
  • I would like to know if you intend to develop a system of verification of payment? Could we send money by mistaking a letter and sending to another existing domain?
  • Will renting a domain be possible?
  • Why is the minimum payout for the affiliate program $600? This is an extremely high payout threshold
  • I saw on YouTube that video saying that you are not so unstoppable and that’s greenmail scam, should I be concerned?
  • How else would you differentiate .zil domains from your competitor?
  • Are you planning on creating a phone app?
  • What happens to our domains if Unstoppable Domains ceases to exist?
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