Unstoppable AMA #2

The AMA is available here.


00:00:30 When do you think the claiming process for .zil domains will be complete?

00:01:03 How do trademarks work with .zil domains?

00:01:43 What were the biggest hurdles with the .zil launch?

00:03:31 When will we be able to use our .zil for payments?

00:04:01 How will domains be priced after the auction?

00:04:25 Can you explain how the process will work to generate my private keys?

00:04:55 Can you give more insight into how you envision the user experience behind the listing service?

00:05:55 Will there be a cap on resales just like there is a cap on the auction?

00:06:17 Will the refund policy stay the same after the auction?

00:06:45 When Moonlet integrates support for Ledger Nano S, then you’ll be able to store your crypto on your Ledger while having the .zil functionality through the Moonlet interface?

00:07:00 When will we be able to build websites with our .zil? How will people be able to access them?

00:07:30 When sub-domains are issued, will they be given their own set of private keys? To enable a new set of wallets to be managed by the specific sub-domain user?

00:08:44 Can you explain more how you interact with wallet providers and browsers and are you having good progress? Are they supportive?

00:09:55 Are there plans to expand the team?

00:10:32 Can you explain the reasoning behind switching from the affiliate program to the refer-a-friend program?