Unstoppable AMA #3

1:12 - Brad on the difference between Unstoppable Domains and Handshake:

  • Handshake is building their own blockchain for blockchain domains, with a native token required to access the network
  • Unstoppable Domains is cryptocurrency agnostic
  • Handshake is focused on building tools for other companies to create their own blockchain extensions
  • Unstoppable Domains is building a registry of domains which empowers individuals to claim specific blockchain domains

2:38 - Brad on what stops authorities from censoring domains through browser extensions:

  • If the market demands it, there will be an ecosystem of open source tools (browsers, plugins, ect.) that enables people who are blocked from legit content to access it

4:05 - Brad on extensions outside of .zil:

  • There is a plan to build another domain extension in the future
  • This will most likely occur in 2020
  • New Domain Extension

4:20 - Brad on claiming domains and the Zilliqa delay:

  • Zilliqa is a new, early implementation of a sharded blockchain. While we are highly optimistic about Zilliqa in the long run, our contract discovered a bug in the way nodes handle smart contracts.
  • On September 15th, when Zilliqa pushes a new update to fix the bug, we will be back to claiming domains.

5:50 - Brad on hardware wallets:

  • Unstoppable Domains is currently talking with hardware wallets and would love to partner hardware wallets such as Ledger or Trezor in the future.
  • There are two primary types of integrations possible with hardware wallets for Unstoppable Domains
    • Using the hardware wallet as a storage device for the domain
    • Sending cryptocurrency agnostic payments through the hardware wallet

7:00 - Brad on .zil implementation in browsers:

  • We have had some conversation with browsers, and plan to integrate with crypto focused browsers in the future.
  • Currently, we are more focused on chrome extensions due to the larger user base and surrounding payment ecosystem.

7:45 - Brad on the domain WhoIs service timeline:

  • As the first major decentralized application on a sharded blockchain, we discovered a bug in the way nodes handle smart contracts on Zilliqa
  • An update on this issue directly from Zilliqa is found here
  • The WhoIs is an onchain feature meaning it is in the same state as other management features, such as claiming domains
  • The feature will go live following an update to Zilliqa which we expect to occur on September 15th

8:57 - Brad on hosting service costs:

  • No exact cost for hosting has been determined yet
  • The idea is it will be a monthly or yearly subscription cost for hosting websites similar to traditional hosting services today

9:30 - Brad on paying with credit cards at the auction:

  • The upcoming auction will be onchain meaning it will most likely be conducted via ZIL (the native cryptocurrency to Zilliqa)
  • We are investigating ways to accept other payments

10:00 - Brad on cryptocurrency exchange integration:

  • There are multiple ways Unstoppable Domains can integrate with cryptocurrency exchanges and multiple conversations with big name exchanges is underway
  • Major companies, and other individuals, who do not want to custody their own blockchain domains can use licensed custodial exchanges to do so
  • The other approach is domain resolution. We are working with Zilliqa foundation to integrate Unstoppable Domain software directly into their SDK. Most major exchanges already support Zilliqa so this is an interesting way for exchanges to support our software

11:50 - Brad on unstoppable websites:

  • Unstoppable websites will start as simple text based entities, like a blog, because the tools to create them are so raw and new. Then it will move to pictures, next video and then basic ecommerce functionality
  • Eventually, overtime and through a phased approach - we will get to a place where we can do anything possible on the regular internet on these decentralized systems. This process will take years

13:25 - Brad on current blockchain domain functionality:

  • On September 15th, following the Zilliqa update, blockchain domains can be used for cryptocurrency payments by replacing long address hashes with human readable names

14:00 - Brad on the definition of a blockchain domain:

  • A blockchain domain is an asset stored a blockchain that sits inside a crypto wallet and is completely controlled by the owner of the private key
  • It is different than a regular domain because it can be used as a cryptocurrency payment gateway and used to build uncensorable websites
  • Other relative characteristics include no renewal fees and the ability to transfer anywhere is the world for free without an escrow agent

15:15 - Brad on the next feature on the Unstoppable Domains roadmap:

  • After we deliver the listing service and the next auction the next feature on the roadmap is uncensorable websites

15:32 - Brad on what happens to blockchain domains if Unstoppable Domains disappears:

  • Once an individual claims a domain it does not matter if Unstoppable Domains exists or not. Nothing happens to the domain.
  • It might become more difficult to integrate or manage a blockchain domain without the convenience of Unstoppable Domains interface and software, but direct interaction with the blockchain is still possible .
  • This is a key difference between regular domains and blockchain domains.

16:45 - Brad on DNS support:

  • Essentially, we are building a different version of DNS.
  • This is not part of the regular ICANN internet and .zil is known as an alternate root.

17:15 - Brad on how to build a text based website:

  • We are launching a simple web builder tool soon to make this extremely easy. Users can create some text, push it to a decentralized storage network and associate it with a .zil domain in just a few clicks.

17:45 - Brad on upcoming cryptocurrency and wallet support:

  • Blockchain domains will soon support around 10 major cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to query the blockchain and find the correlated cryptocurrency addresses to verify
  • This list includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Zilliqa and several others.
  • We are working on several wallet integrations now, but the upcoming support will depend on the integration process. There is a lot of behind the scene action occurring on this front.

19:17 - Brad on where to set up unstoppable web pages:

  • This will be done inside of the Unstoppable Domains application through interaction with a very simple web builder.

19:33 - Brad on creating an Unstoppable Domains token:

  • We will not do this and think tokens are unnecessary in many cases.
  • Decentralized systems should be as cryptocurrency agnostic as possible and we believe no native token makes our system more simple and better for our users. We would never restrict our users to a single token.
  • Our goal is to support as many cryptocurrencies as possible.

20:40 - Brad on future Unstoppable Domains partnerships:

  • We are working with several partners and will be announcing them when our features go live again following the update to Zilliqa.
  • Partnership categories include: wallets, exchanges and trademark representatives for major brands.

23:10 - Brad on why Unstoppable Domains when other blockchains can offer their own domain extensions in the future:

  • Each blockchain having their own domain system will not be as relevant as cryptocurrency agnostic products.
  • Unstoppable Domains is cryptocurrency agnostic and can integrate wallets with an unlimited amount of smart contract platforms and cryptocurrencies as they continue to launch which can all use a .zil domain for payments.
  • Our system is a solution while each blockchain having an internal system has been a problem in our industry in the past and would not solve the problem.
  • The market needs a system that connects all the siloed blockchains together.

25:55 - Brad on big brands and trademarks:

  • Several Fortune 500 companies have claimed domains for their brand

26:25 - Brad on the success of the grant program:

  • V1 of the grant program was a huge success. We have several projects that are being integrated right now.
  • There is a lot of interest for wave two of the program and are narrowing down between several great candidates.
  • We would love more support and engagement from the community in terms of suggesting and reaching out to projects thought to be a good fit for the program.

27:05 - Brad on the release of the web builder:

  • We are targeting this to be launched end of the year and expecting it to be released sometime around December or January.

27:20 - Brad on blockchain domain patents from other technology companies:

  • IBM and Alibaba both filed patents for blockchain domain systems
  • There are many ways to build out these systems so we do not see these patents impacting our ability to build the business
  • This is a good thing for Unstoppable Domains because it signals that big companies are taking this technology seriously and is validation for our project

28:08 - Brad on UD creating a specific application blockchain:

  • Currently, no specific plans as public blockchains are better and more secure.
  • However, we are non-ideological about our technical decisions, so we are trying to find tools and methods that we think are going to build the best system.

29:26 - Brad on Nike potentially claiming their trademark:

  • We can’t comment on any specific customers or transactions.
  • At some point in the near future there will be some ability to see which domains were claimed through ViewBlock.

30:20 - Brad on missing deadlines:

  • Unfortunately, the exceeded deadlines were not in our hands
  • Refunds were and will always be available to our users
  • An update on this issue directly from Zilliqa is found here
  • We went live and we have a system that works on the blockchain. Now we are waiting for the system to handle our transaction volume

31:10 - Brad on not switching to a different blockchain:

  • We are not thinking about switching for the same reason we decided to work on the Zilliqa blockchain: very high transaction capacity and low fees.
  • We will launch on another blockchain eventually for a new extension and people will have a choice.

32:35 - Brad on the amount of domains sold:

  • We sold somewhere in between 80.000 - 85.000 .zil domains so far.

32:55 - Brad on investors being helpful apart from money, and future funding:

  • Yes, a good investor absolutely helps you.
  • Boost VC were early believers in what we were doing. They connected us with early partners and their network of crypto companies. This is also how we met Tim Draper and Draper Associate.
  • Tim Draper aligns philosophically with us and believes strongly in free speech. He’s essentially the perfect public advocate of our company to the non-crypto community.
  • In terms of future money, we don’t have any specific plans but assuming things will continue to go well, we would raise more money to keep scaling up the business.

34:48 - Brad on other decentralized storage services like IPFS:

  • The way we intend our implementation to work is that it will allow you to store content on more than one decentralized storage network at once.
  • Users will be able to rely on multiple nodes on multiple storage networks
  • We had discussions with Sia and BitTorrent network
  • There will be more details on how exactly the implementation will work but the main idea is multiple networks.

36:03 - Brad on having other competitors:

  • There are a lot of blockchain specific systems that have been built that only work for its native cryptocurrency
  • We provide a universal payment gateway which is cryptocurrency agnostic

37:20 - Brad on generating revenue when fully launched:

  • We have a one time fee for creating a domain, but do not charge renewal fees.
  • Our strategy going forward will be to charge for hosting services in the form of a subscription.

37:56 - Brad on unstoppable websites, Adsense and Google Analytics:

  • Blockchain is creating a completely new internet from scratch and the tools are still raw - we are contributing to building the core stack.
  • This means initially websites won’t be listed on Google and will require Chrome plugins to access
  • Overtime, as the ecosystem grows, these types of tools will naturally be built for open source, decentralized technologies

40:00 - Brad on who gets first shot at second domain extensions:

  • Early adopters of .zil domains get credit on future domain extensions
  • Whoever purchased .zil domains will get credits for a future domain extension as well

40:42 - Brad on cryptocurrency integrations:

  • We are cryptocurrency agnostic and want to integrate any and all cryptocurrencies
  • This main driver of cryptocurrency integration is wallet integration because this is ultimately what makes it easier for users to interface with crypto payments
  • When Unstoppable Domains integrates with a wallet that supports specific cryptocurrencies all these cryptocurrencies will integrate with our blockchain domains