Unstoppable AMA #4

Why do you want to launch a new extension?

  • We plan to use ethereum, which already has great tools and a lot of apps that support it. We plan to create an extension that doesn’t mention a specific chain, but is instead meant for the entire crypto community. Zilliqa has low transaction costs so it has benefits that the ethereum extension won’t have.

Is it true that we are all getting free domain credits for the next extension?

  • Yes. For every dollar you’ve spent on .zil domains, you’ll get that amount of credits for the new extension.

Which Fortune 500 Companies claim their domains?

  • Sorry, can’t say. Most have been consumer brands or financial institutions.

Will you release a simple CLI or bulk editing tools for domain management?

  • Yes.

I really like the Smart Escrow feature - can you tell me more about it?

  • Contracts are now open sourced. We just published a blog about how it works, please check our our medium page for more details.

  • Designed for a novice user so they can send money from an exchange account. Instead of having the domain auto go to the sender, which could cause issues for new users.
    Forces designation of both parties and auto checks on our front end to prevent scams
    First smart escrow transfer of a domain name that we are aware of.

Do you have a timeframe for the .zil auction?

  • Not at this time. We’re waiting for it to get easier to buy zilliqa

I saw IPFS Hash section on My Manage page - what is this?

  • You can now point your domain name to an IPFS hash. Users can now look up your name on chain, see the IPFS hash, and be able to resolve the content - likely through an IPFS gateway like Cloudflare, etc. This is the very beginning stages of website for .zil domains. It is now possible to build a full website, publish to IPFS, and have others find the content through blockchain lookup.

Can you explain what it means when I set UD as an operator?

  • You are permissioning UD to make transactions on the blockchain records associated with your domain name. For example, this allows Unstoppable to setup your crypto addresses for you in the manage section. It also allows Unstoppable to pay the tx fees for you. This does mean that for the period of time that Unstoppable Domains is set as the operator on your account it is able to configure the blockchain contracts associated with your name. Still for higher security please unlink Unstoppable as an operator when you are done managing your names. Unstoppable never has the ability to transfer your name or assume ownership, just the ability to manage your names.

I noticed that there are Chinese investors behind Unstoppable Domains and Zilliqa. Does this affect the unstoppable nature of .zil domain names? Will it affect the future fairness and stability of the zil domain name?

  • We do not have Chinese investors, but even if we did, it wouldn’t matter. The domains are on the blockchain. Even we can’t stop them.

Realistically, how long do you think it will be before .zil will turn up on Google searches?

  • Not for a while. The first step is for websites to get more popular, then traditional search engines will have an incentive to index them. Initially, you will see portals that suggest top websites, similar to how Yahoo started in the 90’s

Are there any big wallet providers out there interested in your product yet, like Exodus, Atomic wallet, Trezor, Nano ledger, Binance?

  • We just had Coinomi integrate. We have active conversations with many big wallets.

How will the DNS find my .zil domain when I publish a website on it?

  • Blockchain domains don’t use DNS. Browsers, extensions, and wallets read the blockchain directly to find your blockchain records and resolve the domain from there.

Can you provide an update on the Blockchain Domain Grant Program?

  • Going great. We’ve had a lot of interest and see it as a success so far.

Can you describe Viewblock in greater detail with respect to domain owner identity privacy?

  • Viewblock is a block explorer and as such allows users to easily see all blockchain transactions. ZNS is a domain name system built on the blockchain, so they are able to watch the blockchain and then provide information about smart contract calls and data stored on chain.

Any updates on subdomains and renting out domains in the future?

  • We’re working on easy decentralized website deploy, the mobile backup app, and likely another iteration on escrow smart contracts before we tackle pro features for domain management.