Unstoppable AMA #5

0:20 Are you able to provide more details on the IPFS site building tools?

0:43 To what extent would the web builder work? Is it like Wix drag and drop?

1:19 What will will the browser extension look like? What browser? When is this ready?

2:06 What can be shared about the 2 audits that are running in parallel? What has been found and fixed from the first and why duplicate the effort if you were happy with the first. Can you give more insight behind the delay?

4:11 What happens if my .crypto domain remains marked as brand protected after the manual review?

4:31 Will there be a .crypto auction before Christmas?

4:47 When are more domains going to become available?

5:00 Will .crypto work in all the wallets that currently support .zil?

5:24 When should we expect to see native Ethereum integrations for .crypto?

6:13 If ICANN decides to take down your .com website how would I manage my domains?

6:58 Will the ETH Istanbul Fork effect .crypto?