Unstoppable User Journey - purchasing a domain, claiming a domain, adding crypto address to a domain

Search for the desired domain name. If it’s available add to cart. If not, keep searching. If the button to the right says ‘Add to Watchlist’ this means the domain is reserved for a future auction. More information about future auctions will be released at a later date.

Click check out. Follow checkout flow to complete the purchase. It’s possible to pay with crypto, card or store credit. If you run into issues during this process email support@unstoppabledomains.com.

Click on the side menu in the top left. Select My domains. This will bring you to the My Domains page.

You will see the recently purchased domain in this list. Notice it says ‘Unclaimed’. To claim the domain click ‘Claim All’.

If you need to create a wallet please follow steps 1-4 in this guide. The wallet file and password is really important information. We recommend to following this guide to keep it save. Next, click import wallet.

Click Upload Keystore File. Locate where you saved the ‘Zilliqa_Wallet.json’ file on the computer. Upload the keystore file, enter the correct passphrase and click access.

Read the message and understand that the next action is irreversible. This will officially register your domain to the blockchain and the owner will be the Zilliqa address associated with your Unstoppable account. When you are ready, click I understand and then the confirm button.

The claim process started. It can take some time especially if there is currently a high demand for transactions on Zilliqa. If you have questions about this email support. You do not need to wait on the page. Click view domains.

Click manage domains.

If this is the first time attempting to manage this domain - check allow, click set operator, wait for TX to go through. If you have already done this for this then skip ahead to the next step. Once the transaction confirms continue to the next step. If you have any questions about this email support@unstoppabledomains.com.

Click manage domains.

Find your cryptocurrency address. Add the crypto address to the correct input. Make sure to double-check it is correct one. Then select save changes.

Add whichever other cryptocurrency addresses you want by repeating the process.

To verify the address was registered correctly you can search for your domain and check that the cryptocurrency address listed matches the one you entered.

To send cryptocurrency to your blockchain domain follow the steps in this Moonlet Wallet guide.