Unstoppable User Journey - purchasing a domain, claiming a domain, adding crypto address to a domain

I send an eth payment for $800 and failed to receive the erc721 token , was I frontrun? Please advise

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It’s probably just network congestion on Ethereum and we will follow up with you via the support ticket you raised, thanks.

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Is there a possibility to setup an email address using y unstoppable domain? Let’s say I bought a domain named test.crypto and I would like to be able to receive emails to an email account like myname@test.crypto. Would this be possible?

Yes email is available for .crypto domains. Please check our ETHMail from our growing list of supported apps Apps | Unstoppable Domains

Hi I buy domain today I pay to claim credit 40$

When it’s will be available to sell

And how I can sell in Coming soon.!

I need pay fees too.!!


In addition to paying the $40 for the claim credit you also need to actually claim the domain to your wallet:

This is our guide for domain resales once you have completed the claim process.


Up till now I have been paying for my .crypto domains by charge card. Last one I tried to pay with crypyto option and I found it little funny that I had to copy and paste your ETH address to my wallet and then copy and paste the ETH amount equivalent to $40.

It would have been nice if I could have paid to unstoppabledomains.crypto (or whatever you deceide) like how these domains suppose to function.

This needs an explanation and little discouraging to find out this way.

It is discouraging because how would I preach selling one of these domains to a company saying just send your name.crypto…to get paid while main actor not doing it.

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The reason we don’t currently use .crypto for receipt of funds is that the funds you send are actually sent to unique wallet addresses. The unique addresses are not actually ours, they are provided by our crypto processor Coinbase.

The unique wallet address ensures we can tie funds to customers orders.

My understanding from explanation of benefits of .crypto domains; one of them being people able to send someone crypto currency just to sampledomain.crypto… no cut and paste unique wallet addresses. That is the main feature. No memorizing, no typing, no cut and paste.
If I understand you correctly; if 1000s of people send you money to your .crypto domain you have no way of knowing who send what or the system does not work and you need a third party.
If this does notwork for you how will it work for me say I sell digital books at $10 a piece and I am accepting paypal. Now I start accepting orders from my .crypto domain and ask people send BTC, ETH etc… to my sampledomain.crypto… If I am going to use paypal or coinbase etc… what is the point?
How will this work? If does not work. Why would I use it if they will still cut and paste unique wallet addresses. Am I missing something?

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As a US business we currently prefer not to hold cryptocurrencies so we use Coinbase to immediately convert crypto funds to USD.

For your example of selling ebooks the payment to sampledomain.crypto can be used to release the digital product to the customer. This can be done with a centralized site (.com / .net etc) or the decentralized site you build for the blockchain domain.

Your site would need to inject one of the growing list of supported wallets as shown at Apps | Unstoppable Domains

I have purchased three domains but I was unable to claim them and there is no buttons to claim now etc, please see the image attached.

I don’t see an image.

This is one of our .zil claiming guides, I believe you purchased .crypto domains.

Please email support@unstoppabledomains.com with all the details so we can provide details on claim credits as covered at Gas fees for .crypto domains

I can see in some video tutorials that there is a checkbox to claim the domain but in my case why there is only buy claim credit because I have already paid my order?

The videos are out of date due to the temporary charge for domain claiming as covered in the link at the top of the gas fees article.

You can wait until August when we roll out our layer 2 scaling solution and we will pay your blockchain fees again for moving the domain to Ethereum.

No, actually I have already paid via master card and I cant see my domain claim or manage button?

I was notable to attach my screenshot or link

Please email us at support@unstoppabledomains.com regarding the claim credits you ordered, thanks.

Yes, I have already sent mails to this id for claim credits but still waiting.

I have claimed my .zil domain onto my Zilpay wallet. However, how do I know it has shown up in my Zilpay wallet, apart from checking viewblock.

On Zilpay, I can add a smart contract address to view the tokens there – does unstoppable domain has a smart contract address I can input so that my domain shows up as a token on Zilpay? Or is this not possible?

Also, this is my first post here. How do one create a new post on the main forum? Is it possible?

I don’t think it’s possible to create a new post, I was looking for the same. I found the smart contract and when I added it to my wallet it just said UD and 0. There was nothing indicating I had just transferred a domain to the address.

I’ve noticed in MetaMask they can’t be sent. I think there might be something very wrong with the transfer and displays of these contracts.

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