Unstoppable x Trust User Journey

Step 1: Install the Trust mobile application (Android and iOS 13), set up a Trust wallet and link the wallet to your Unstoppable account. To do so follow this guide.

Step 2: Open the Trust application. Select the Browser item in the menu and then navigate to unstoppabledomains.com in the URL box.

Step 3: Select the lock icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Enter the correct email address for your Unstoppable account and select Next.

Step 5: Enter the correct password and select Sign In.

Step 6: Search for an available .crypto domain in the search box and then select Add to cart.

Step 7: Select the cart icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 8: Select Checkout. Store credits will automatically apply to your purchase if available in your account. Follow the checkout flow if you do not have store credits. We currently accept a variety of cryptocurrencies and card as payment methods.

Step 9: Select Pay With Store Credit. You can pay with credit card, cryptocurrency, or store credit.

Step 10: Select the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen and after select My Domains from the side menu.

Step 11: Check the box next to the name of the .crypto domain you wish to claim. It is possible to claim multiple domains at the same time. It is also possible to claim all of the .crypto domains at the same time. Select Claim .Crypto.


Step 12: Select Connect.

Step 13: Check the ‘I understandbox and then select Confirm.

Step 14: The claim process is initiated. Select View Domains.

Step 15: Select Manage next to the correct blockchain domain.

Step 16: Enter the correct cryptocurrency address next to the correct cryptocurrency. Select Save Changes. It is possible to add more than one cryptocurrency address to the blockchain domain at a time.

Step 17: Select Connect Wallet.

Step 18: Confirm signing the message by selecting Ok. This alert box will pop up three times.

You have now successfully claimed your .crypto domain and added your cryptocurrency address to your domain.

Transfering a Domain

Step 19: To verify ownership of the .crypto domains select the Wallet icon in the Trust menu. Next select the Collectibles tab at the top of the screen. Finally select the Unstoppable Domains tab.

Step 20: The .crypto domains will show in this section of the Trust application. To transfer a domain to a new address select the correct domain.

Step 21: Select Send.

Step 22: Enter the correct Ethereum address and select Next. Finally, confirm the transaction.