User journey: from buying to using a .crypto domain

  1. Search for the desired domain name of 5 characters or more and add it to your cart. If the domain is unavailable, you can add it to your watchlist and you will receive an email when they are available for purchase.

  1. Click ‘Check Out’. Follow the checkout flow to complete the purchase. It’s possible to pay with cryptocurrency, credit card, PayPal or store credit. If you run into issues during this process, please email

  1. After a successful purchase, click on the Hamburger button in the top left. Select ‘My domains’. This will bring you to the My Domains page.

  1. You will see the recently purchased domain in this list. Notice it says ‘Unclaimed’. To claim the domain select the checkbox next to the domain and click ‘Claim .crypto’. In this example, we’re claiming only one domain, but you can select as many as you want.

  1. In this example, we’re going to use Metamask on desktop for claiming. Feel free to use any of our mobile wallets as an alternative here.
    After initiating the claim, press ‘Connect’ and your Metamask will prompt a Signature Request. You will have to sign it three times and the claim will start. You can also watch this video of this process.

  1. Read the message and understand that the next action is irreversible. This will officially register your domain to the blockchain and the owner will be the Ethereum address associated with your Metamask. When you are ready, check ‘I understand’ and then press ‘Confirm’.

  1. The claim process has started. It can take up to 15 minutes depending on the backlog. If it takes longer than 1 hour, please email Click on ‘View domains’ to proceed.

  1. Navigate to your domain and select ‘Manage’.

  1. Add all the cryptocurrency addresses you want to accept in payments. Paste them in their respectable fields and select ‘Save Changes’.

  1. Press to ‘Connect wallet’. Your Metamask will prompt a Signature Request. You will have to sign it a few times and the transaction will start.

  1. Notice that the page now says ‘Pending changes’. This means that you have to wait approximately 15 minutes until the transaction goes through. You don’t have to wait for this process to finish, so you can close the page. If the transaction takes longer than one hour, please email

  1. To verify that addresses were registered correctly, you can search for your domain and check if the cryptocurrency addresses match the ones you entered.

If you want to send a payment to a blockchain domain, use any of our supported wallets.

This is how the payment process looks like:

  1. Use the Website Builder tool to create your decentralized website.

See also the guide on our Community site.

We also have video tutorials on our YouTube channel if you prefer to create sites without the Website Builder tool.