Using Website Builder templates with Guest Manage

If you use the website builder templates for a .crypto domain when gas prices are high on the Ethereum blockchain you will see the following message after you publish the site to IPFS.

Guest Templates 4

This gives domain owners the option of promptly updating Ethereum with the hash for the website if they wish to pay the gas fee. You can check the status of the transactions with the two [etherscan link] entries as shown in this image if you decide to speed up the transaction.

Unstoppable Domains stores the new site on IPFS as soon as you publish and sign with your wallet regardless of the gas price. It’s only the update to Ethereum for the domain that will be delayed if you choose to wait during times of high gas prices.

To confirm your site is on IPFS after publishing it the steps are:

1. Log into your account and deploy your template
2. Go back to Manage the domain and select the Website tab
3. A faded version of your IPFS hash and gateway URL will appear

4. Copy the gateway URL into any browser to view the site.
5. The site will not be available in Opera for Android, our browser plugin or our browser with yourdomain.crypto until the transaction has been processed on Ethereum.
6. You can use the gateway URL anywhere on the internet, including browsers and plugins that resolve blockchain domains, as soon as you publish the site.