Website Builder Guide

To use the IPFS templates first claim your .crypto domain or claim your .zil domain.

Step 1: Prepare

If you still have Unstoppable Domains set as the operator for your .zil domains you will not be asked to sign for the IPFS upload. For .crypto you need to ensure you have the correct wallet selected in Metamask and will be asked to sign 2 or 3 times when you publish the page.

Go to My Domains. Select Manage next to a domain and then select the Website tab. Select Choose A Template.

Step 2: We currently have 5 templates to choose from.

The Coming Soon template can be used as a decentralized holding page with a Call to Action such as your email address or redirect to a traditional http(s) site.

For Personal Pages you may select from any of the other layouts

Step 3: Preview

After you select a template there will be a landscape view of how the world will see your decentralized site with menu options on the right hand side of the page.

Step 4: Edit

Select content from the Edit Content tab on the right to update it.

Upload an image. We recommend a 1:2 ratio (width:height).

Deselect any Social Media links you don’t require and enter the URL or username / handle for those you do want to appear on your site. Select Save Changes.

Step 5: Publish


If you click the PUBLISH TO IPFS button before you have completed each section (Title, Subtitle, CTA etc) you will see a warning message.

Once you publish the site you will see the IPFS hash and Redirect URL fields have been populated. If you have already manually added a Redirect to a traditional centralized website our system will only overwrite the HTML Content field.

Now the template options will be CHOOSE A TEMPLATE to switch to a different template or EDIT TEMPLATE to update the page you just created.

IPFS select a template or edit an existing page

It’s not very practical to build a website from a small screen device such as many mobile devices. By default the Website Builder tool is disabled if our app detects a small screen.

You can use the Website Builder tool with small screen devices by using Desktop mode in Opera for Android as long as your Opera wallet has been added to your account to sign the transaction.

I claimed my free .crypto yesterday, chose a template , managed to save it after some excitement (a couple of times I tried to redirect to some www but seem to have been ignored Despite waiting etc), and with the IPFS field populated I thought I was good to go. However, in your windows browser my domain only brings up your search/sell page for my domain, seemingly no attempt to load the IPFS, thus making me think it is not about the time it takes to propagate my IPFS content. But what could it be? Evildonkey.crypto