What applications are live with Unstoppable?

Apps that are live with Unstoppable Domains:

Set up your domain for payments with this video tutorial.

  • Trust Wallet - a multi-protocol wallet with domain resolution on both iOS and Android. Check out this guide.

  • MyEtherWallet - Ethereum’s Original Wallet.

  • Coinomi Wallet - a multicurrency wallet that currently supports blockchain domain resolution on iOS and Android. Check out this guide.

  • Atomic Wallet — Atomic Wallet is designed as multi-currency light wallet and supports over 300 cryptocurrencies, and is available for every major operating system. Check out this guide.

  • ViewBlock - a block explorer that allows for on-chain .zil domain searches. Check out this guide.

  • Coin Request - a cryptocurrency invoice system that simplifies day-to-day transactions. Check out this guide.

  • Counter Network - a cryptocurrency exchange and stablecoin marketplace.

  • Moonlet - a blockchain agnostic cryptocurrency wallet. Check out this guide.

  • imToken — imToken is a feature-rich digital asset wallet enabling multi-chain asset management available on iOS and Android.

  • Guarda Wallet — Guarda is a non-custodial wallet with support for thousands of tokens available on iOS, Android, Chrome, and more.

  • Ambo - Cryptocurrency investing made easy.

  • Phoenix Burst

Phoenix Burst wallet is also available for desktop, iOS and Android: github . com/burst-apps-team/phoenix/