What are the potential outcomes for .crypto domains that remain in the sunrise period?

If after manual review, the domain has been determined to be a Protected Brand Name then the domain will enter a one year sunrise period until December 31st 2020 with three potential outcomes:

  1. The name is not claimed by any party and you receive the domain for free.

  2. The name is claimed by the Protected Brand and they receive the domain for free. In the case the name is claimed by the Protected Brand, we will give you the opportunity to purchase another domain of the same tier at a 50% discount.

  3. Multiple parties prove a claim over the name and it goes to auction.

When a domain enters sunrise the final effect is not a user losing the domain forever. Our users will get the domain for free if it is left unclaimed at the end of the period.

Nov 2020 update: We emailed all customers with sunrise domains as there is now no time limit for brands to claim their domains. We believe this will be beneficial for everyone in the ecosystem. If you have any questions relating to sunrise domains please email support@unstoppabledomains.com.

Thanks for the clarity on this regarding the sunrise period.

Can you comment about domains .crypto domains that have been purchased but then inside your account they are listed as “Pending Brand Review”? Is this different then sunrise or is there any documentation available on how the brand review process is handled?

Much thanks for all your hard work Will!