What is the current pricing for available domains?

Latest prices are now available at
Pricing Tiers for Regular Domains : Unstoppable Domains

Previous Pricing in US Dollars EXCLUDING premium domains:

8 characters .crypto or greater = $40

8 characters .zil or greater = $20

7 characters .crypto = $80

7 characters .zil = $40

6 characters .crypto = $200

6 characters .zil = $80

5 characters .crypto = $800

5 characters .zil = $250

4 characters .crypto = $2400

4 characters .zil = $800

One-time fee with no renewals

Note - Pricing tiers are developed based on past sales data. The general idea is that shorter domains and common words or phrases are priced higher than longer domains and uncommon words or phrases.

If a domain is shown as Premium on our site you can Watchlist the domain and you will receive an email when it’s released to the public.


Hi :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to review the pricing at all? The jump from 7 or 8 characters to 6 seems quite high, and gets even bigger for 4 and 5.

No plans at the current time.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: