When can I buy domains that are 'unavailable' or 'protected'?

This name will be available for sale at a later time.

Currently, only domains of 8 characters or more are available for purchase. We plan on releasing more (and shorter) domains in the near future. You can add them to your watchlist and you will receive an email when they are available for purchase.

We do this to ensure fair distribution of domains because once a domain is bought and claimed, it is in custody of the owner for life.

Protected Domain: This name is protected.

These names are reserved for brands and trademark owners. Onboarding the existing internet on to the decentralized web is important to spur mainstream adoption. We want to onboard the next 1B users to cryptocurrency and give everyone an equal chance of owning their respective domain names.

If you want to claim a domain for your brand or trademark, please fill in this form.

If you believe a domain name is mistakenly protected, please email support@unstoppabledomains.com.