.zil Deploy Update #2

Unstoppable Community,

As of right now, smart contract transactions are not being processed at all on the Zilliqa blockchain. We were hopeful that we could get through our transaction backlog based on the previous pace of 1,000 per day, but transactions are currently stalled. We are awaiting another update from the Zilliqa team on 8/13. 8/13 Update By Zilliqa.

Our goal is always to communicate to the community whenever we have relevant information. We mentioned in our initial deploy update, we have been experiencing issues with transaction processing since going live on the Zilliqa blockchain. This is due to an issue with the way nodes are reading smart contracts. These issues have been discussed in our last deploy update and AMA.

The issue with the blockchain’s ability to handle high transaction volume has been discovered and a solution has been identified. Zilliqa will be releasing an official blog that covers this from a technical perspective in the coming weeks. Zilliqa Developer Han Wen briefly discussed this in our Telegram earlier today.

With Zilliqa being the first sharding blockchain and Unstoppable being the first major dapp with unprecedented demand to use it, moments like this are to be expected. Zilliqa is working hard to resolve this issue and we have the utmost belief in their development team and technology to get the job done.

Upcoming releases are ready to go on our end and as soon as Zilliqa gives us the green light, we will launch the following:

  • WhoIs Service
  • Management Features (adding addresses to your domain, using it for payments, and transferring domains).
  • Auction

We are expecting Zilliqa to push this update in September - once pushed we can go live with the items above.

Why is this update needed?

Your domain is a smart contract deployed on the blockchain. Every action you perform with your domain is a transaction on the blockchain. This includes changing your crypto addresses, claiming your names, transferring a domain, bidding in the auction, and selling a name in the listing service. This update will allow users to perform these actions with their domains quickly and efficiently.

What happens next?

Wallet and Exchange Integrations: The Blockchain Domain Grant Program announcement was a major success - we are currently reviewing our applications and preparing our integrations team to work with these wallets and exchanges to integrate support for .zil. We will be sharing announcements about the grant winners on a regular basis.

Features: We have the domain management features (adding your crypto addresses to your domain) and the listing service ready to go and plan to release them in coming weeks. However - we are going to ask users to please not use these new services until Zilliqa pushes the necessary updates and we make an announcement.


We do not want to overload the chain and would like to prioritize claiming transactions first. However, we want to release everything because it is ready and we want to give users time to review the interface, ask questions, and relay feedback. Our expectation is that the Zilliqa updates will go live mid-September, and at that time, you will be able to transact with your domain and you will be able to engage with the listing service.

Thank you for your patience as early adopters. Issues like this are expected with new, cutting edge technology. Our team is pleased that the problem has been identified and a solution has been discovered. We are grateful to have you on this journey with us!

As always - we are available in Telegram if you have any questions.

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