.zil Deploy Update #3

Unstoppable Community,

As discussed in our last deploy update, Zilliqa will be pushing an update on September 15th. This update will allow us to restart on-chain transactions meaning users will be able to claim their domains, add crypto addresses to their domains, and transfer domains. We want to provide a short-term schedule of what users can expect starting September 15th.

September 15th to September 19th: Claims.

At this moment, there is currently a backlog of 24,000 claims. We are expecting another wave of claims on September 15th. Once the update goes live on September 15th, the first 72 hours will be solely focused on claims and clearing through the backlog. After the update on the 15th, we are expecting ~500 on-chain transactions per hour - this means we should be able to work through the backlog and complete new claims within this 72 hours period.

September 19th: Management Features and Payments.

On September 19th, users will be able to start adding cryptocurrency addresses to their domain. When a user adds a cryptocurrency address to their domain, they are directly interacting with the blockchain and sending an on-chain transaction.

This is why we want to make sure we spend the first 72 hours clearing through claim transactions and testing before we introduce management features.

Once you add cryptocurrency addresses to your domain - you can use it for payments!

Our first supporting wallet will be Moonlet. We will be announcing the second wave of blockchain domain grant winners before September 15th.

October 1st: Transfers, WhoIs Service, P2P Tools.

On October 1st, users will be able to freely transfer domains, list contact information to their domain, and use our P2P tools to transfer a domain safely using smart contracts. This will give users the opportunity to send domains anywhere in the world, within seconds, without needing permission from any party. We will be releasing more information about these tools along with tutorials closer to October 1st.